A New Vision for 2021

PRM VIRTUAL is a newly formed arm of specializing in music packages geared to individuals, small ensembles and colorguards within the Marching Arts. Our aim is to provide music of the highest quality which has been uniquely crafted with decades of experience and success at the highest levels in the activity.

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The Importance of Building A Positive Culture

By: Neal Cain - PRM Intern. Marching band is often viewed as an educational tool that connects visual and musical arts. Two major goals for high school or university marching band and even independent ensemble directors are to increase the number of members in their ensembles and to retain current members. While there are a variety of factors that play into a student’s decision to enroll in a marching ensemble (such as musical talent, interpersonal relationships, or competitiveness of the program), there is an overarching concept of “cultural fit” that can play a huge role in a band member’s decision to participate. This blog post provides an introductory glance into what culture means within the marching arts and how you can...

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Maintaining the Social Aspect of the Marching Arts Online

By: Albert Avery - PRM Intern. With many students spending the majority of their day online for school, it is important to not neglect their mental health and how they are feeling emotionally. One of the great things about the marching arts, and even music education in general is the opportunity for students to connect and socialize with each other. Unfortunately, we end up losing this with a fully online curriculum. Students lose out on the opportunity to talk with each other in between class periods, during lunch or after rehearsal. Gone are the quick chats during water breaks out on the field, while moving equipment back to the band room, and on the way to competitions. It is important...

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Making an Effective Practice Program

By: Aya Strauss - PRM Intern. In today’s virtual world, educators and students are often isolated from each other, limiting opportunities to guide and instruct students. Even during normal seasons, we as educators are limited in our instructional time and the amount of individual attention we can devote to each student.

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Winds: The 3 "T"s of Ensemble

By Jordan Barker - PRM Intern. In Tone, In Tune, and In Time is a phrase I’ve heard and been taught my whole life as the foundation for ensemble concept here in the state of Texas, and specifically in the Eddie Green method for band. Ensemble sound concept being defined as the balance of all instrument parts to create a cohesive wind section sound. These aforementioned 3 simple reminders involve every aspect of music making as a group.  

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